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Bertha Pryke was born in Playford, Suffolk about 1870, to John Pryke Junior and Mary Pryke (nee Edwards). Bertha was the fifth and youngest girl in the family. When she was born, the family comprised:

John Pryke Junior

Mary Pryke

Emma Pryke (Also called Emma Edwards)

Elizabeth Pryke

Sarah Pryke

Ellen Pryke

Bertha Pryke

In 1871 Bertha was living at 36 Bealings Road, Playford

By 1881, Emma and Elizabeth had left home, but the remaining children were stil living with the family, as was a Jane Pryke. They were, by then living at 11 Hill House, Playford.

By 1891, of the 'children', only Sarah (a laundry maid) and Bertha (a laundry maid) remained at home, which was then 40 Church Lane, Playford. The two girls were obviously working for their mother, who ran a laundry, probably on the premises. In addition, a grandchild, Louis B Kidby, aged 3, was living with them.

Bertha married Charles Frederick Hunt on 24th April 1893, and they subsequently had nine children

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