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Bertie Nash (1884) was born to James Nash (1854) and Julia Jones in December 1884 (Nash, Bertie, 1884 (OND) Vol 1 d 951).

He married Annie Margaret Blackman on 11th April 1909 In St Anne's Church, Thorburn Square, Bermondsey. They had three children:

Bertie enlisted in the army on 10th December 1915, and his active service started on 3rd June 1916. He was in the Middlesex Regiment, Regimental number 40442, and he was a clerk/cashier.

He served in:

  • France from 7th June 1916 to 12th September 1916 (102 days), then in
  • Belgium from 13th September 1916 to 26th February 1918 (1 year and 195 days) and then he was taken prisoner.
  • He was a Prisoner of War from 27th February 1918 until 23rd November 1918 (248 days) and was not treated well.
  • From 24th November 1918 to 7th October 1919 (318 days) he was in a rehabilitation unit.

His time in France, and particularly his treatment as Prisoner of War had not left Bertie unscathed. He had fatigue, loss of energy, palpitations, loss of memory and feelings of inadequacy (Neurasthenia) which was assessed to have affected him with a severity of 20% (currently called a nervous breakdown). This explains the long time in rehabilitation.

He was finally dischaged from the army on 7th October 1919.

After that he returned to Annie, his wife, Irene (now 9 years old) and Norman (now 5 years old) at 103 Ravenscroft Road.

Janet/Eric, the above is all the new stuff which I got from his army records. I am pretty certain it is all correct. Of course there is a possibility that they moved along Ravenscroft Road (which still seems to be there today). The stuff underneath here will need a bit of a re-write to take all this in.

After the end of the war, he returned to his family and, with the aid of the grant which he received for his invalidity, he set up a fruit barrow stall outside a pub in Sidcup - of which we are going to get pictures from Janet and Eric. They set up home at 17 Ravenscroft Road Sidcup - or is it Penge - and amongst some of the rewarding memories is that Annie used to cook the beetroot in the stove at 17 Ravenscroft Road and then carried the beetroot in two buckets, perched on the (Cecil's) pram up to the stall for Bertie to sell.

Beetroots cook in about an hour and a half and are really hot when you take them out of the boiler. The smell they create in cooking is memorable. However freshly cooked beetroot are nothing like the cold, damp specimens that they become the next day.

Nellie Oades was Bert's youngest sister (Ellen) (Auntie Nellie) there was also a Sam Oades, presumably her husband. There were two 'Auntie Nellie's', and she was one. We have not yet located the other.

Also Julia (Auntie Jewel) an aunt and Bertie's Elder Sister, who lived at 7 Cricklewood Road, Streatham SW17

Bertie was one of six siblings:

Used to go and visit butcher and Laundress.

1901: Bertie Nash (c1885) – salesman’s assistant was son of James Nash (1855) – fruit & nut salesman (greens??) and Julia Jones (Nash) (1855). Siblings: Julia (1881) – tie maker shirt, Frank (1883) – woollen scarf?, William R (1893) and Ellen (1895). Bertie born Camberwell, so were the younger two and all living in Camberwell in 1901 at 4 Secretan Road. James born in St Pancras and Julia (1885) born in St Georges in the East????. Older two children born in Bermondsey.

1891: Nash misrecorded as Vash! Bertie (1885) living at 4 Secretaw(n?) Rd Camberwell with James – market porter and Julia and Laria 12 years (Louisa??? = looks like Laria though) Julia 10 years James H 8 years

1881: James Nash (c1854) – fruit porter, living at 96 Lynton Road Bermondsey with Julia (c1864) and children Louisa (1878 – born Stepney), baby Julia 1881) plus Helen Jones (aged 23)

1871 James Nash (1855) – a carman (Spitalfields Market) was living with mum and dad Henry Nash (1826) – porter and Louisa (1824) – porter’s wife, plus siblings Henry (1850) - carman, Jane (1861) and William (1864). They were living in 19, 20 and 21 Commercial Street, Christ Church, Spitalfields. Next door but one was a damn great refuge home. Henry (1826 was born in Wycombe Maul Bucks and Louisa (1824) was born in Lambeth Surrey.

1861 little James Nash (1855) was living in St Pancras with Henry Nash (1826) - labourer Louisa (1824) - laundress Louisa 15 Henry 11 Richard 9 Hannah 2 months

1851 Henry Nash (1826) – labourer, living in St Pancras (11? Suffolk Street) with Louisa (1824) Louisa (1846) Henry (1850)

Can’t find any records that ring the right bells for Henry Nash (1826) in 1841

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