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Because several people have the same name, and people change their names deliberately or by marriage for example, we have been forced to adopt certain conventions in terms of naming them:

For an individual we will always state whatever full name they had at birth, followed by the year of birth in brackets. Example Bridget Agnes Spollen (1944)

If that person normally does not use their first given name, we will then append the name they use, also in brackets, example: Bridget Agnes Spollen (1944) (Agnes)

For a married woman who adopts her husband's name, we will follow this with the married name in brackets. Where more than one marriage takes place, there will be a series of brackets to describe this. Example: Bridget Agnes Spollen (1944) (Agnes) (Hunt)

Where a person is known by more than name, the most commonly used or known at present will be used as the primary name (followed by the date of birth), and the others will be shown in brackets.

Thus for Charles Frederick Hunt, whom we believe changed his name almost totally, we continue to use the name we know him by, but have to put in some riders, such as Charles Frederick Hunt (1869) (Frederick Charles Jarmany)

In terms of birth year, we give the most likely year, but before about 1850 these could certainly be in error by a year (but not more).

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