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Foulden is a small village in east Norfolk, about eight miles from Swaffham (the nearest main town), which it is reached, by road, via the village of Cockley Cley.

Foulden is built just above the flood plain and lies about a mile from the river Wissey. The river is reached via Hythe Lane, (Hythe meaning haven or landing place in old English) and there is a landing place on the river at the bottom of the lane, although it is not easily accessible by modern four wheeled transport.

The original village probably grew up to serve the agricultural environment, associated with the nearby river Wissey as a means of transport. There certainly was a range of agriculture, including corn and orchards. The now-extinct Foulden Pearmain being one variety of apple grown (it became extinct in about 1818).

The enclosures came late to Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, but ultimately they were forced through by the persistence - some called it stealth - of both landowners and government. The former means of subsistence for many of the locals, gleaning and scrumping to supplement meagre wages were no longer available.

We can trace three relatives who were born in Foulden. These are:

Ann Garmany married George Hunt (I) in about 1805 to become Ann Hunt, and the mother of George Hunt (II)

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