George Hunt (I)

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Relationship to CFH/FCJ ...... Great Grandfather

Parents not known

Full name (as used to distinguish him unambiguously) George Hunt (1785)

Born 1785

Occupation Boatman

Wife Ann Garmany (1781)

Known children

  • George Hunt, born 1806, identified by us as George Hunt (II). He later called himself George Hunt (alias Jarmany) and he also called himself George Jarmany (alias Hunt)
  • Marianna Hunt, born 1811
  • Thomas Hunt, born 1815
  • William Hunt, born 1816

Facts as we know them:

  • 1785 born on the Isle side of Upwell in (therefore in Cambridgeshire).
  • 1805 or thereabouts, married Ann Garmany from Foulden in Norfolk
  • 1806 son George born
  • 1811 daughter Marianna born
  • 1815 son Thomas born
  • 1816 son, William born
  • 1841 A waterman, living in the Town Street, Upwell Cambridgeshire
  • 1851 Living with his wife Ann on Parish relief at 83 Small Lode, Upwell Norfolk
  • his name has not been found in the 1861 census, and so we presume that he died between 1851 and 1861 at an age between 66 and 76.
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