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Irene Annie Nash was born on 29th March 1910 to Bertie Nash () and Annie Blackman () (Nash). She was the eldest of three children, her two younger brothers being Norman Bertie Nash and Cecil Victor Nash. She married Picton Jarmany Hunt (better known as Pic) on 26th December 1939. They had four children:

Rene, as she was better known, lived with Picton at Hillcrest Road, Norwich, from where Richard was born, but Picton went to the war she then moved back to Selsdon, where her sister-in-law Eileen was also on her own, her husband, Norman, having also gone to the war. They lived at 75 Foxearth Road until 1944, when the bombing became too intense, and they moved north to Dumbarton, in Scotland, where they were for Christmas 1944 and Hogmanay. When the war ended, they moved back to Selsdon, and after a brief spell in 75 Foxearth Road, which, with two families and three children (or was it four?) was becoming crowded.

Rene moved briefly to live with her parents at 8 the Broadway Selsdon with Richard and Graham, but when Picton returned from the war they moved to stay, again for a short time, with Picton's parents, Charles Frederick Hunt and Bertha Pryke (Hunt) at 4 Bramley Hill, Croydon. Picton had a job with his brother-in-law's firm, Masons, in Norwich, and so as soon as possible (during 1947) they moved to Norwich, to 26 Cintra Road,Norwich.

By 1949 there were six people living in this three bedroomed semi-detatched house, and things were gettig very crowded, so they looked round for a bigger house. In 1953 they moved to 41 College Road, Norwich.

Rene and Pic continued to live there until Pic died in 1984, and Rene continued to live there until it became too much for her. She moved into sheltered accommodation in Armstrong Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Nowrich for a while, and then to a nursing home on Thorpe Road.

She died at this nursing home in June 1998, aged 88.

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