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Image:018 C F Hunt in 1950s - or - when - Howard M King - Croydon.JPG

Charles Frederick Hunt (CFH) married Bertha Pryke in Playford Parish Church on 24th April 1893. In fact Charles was born Frederick Charles Jarmany on 14th April 1869 in Montreal. The initial impetus for this site was to find out why he changed his name, since all his nine children had Jarmany as their second names. I set up this site to try to work out and to find out WHY. Now that we can trace what happened, I am using the site to develop a full genealogy of the Jarmany Hunt family

The objectives of this site include allowing anyone who has information to log in and let me know what they know. To enter the site, simply click on one of the blue highlighted hyperlinks above or type a name in the search box at the left. Alternatively you will find a set of quick links to some of the active pages below.

Getting started

Update: Due to fake users adding content user access has been restricted. If you are a valid user you should still be able to make edits as before. If you do not have these permissions then email me at and I will correct your permissions.

If you are new to this type of site, then let me explain. It is a site specifically created so that you can go in and add or modify things.

If you do make modifications, then they will be subject to the accceptance by the moderator, Richard J Hunt.

In order to edit things you will need to sign in and create a password. Please remember this password

New contributors will be welcomed and only need to ask if they need assistance.

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Jarmany Wiki Quickstart Guide

For details on how to create content there is a Quickstart Guide available. There is also an Administration page to track website change requests.

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