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Editing an existing topic

To edit an existing topic you have two choices:

  • Edit the whole page
  • Edit a paragraph section.

To edit the whole page click the edit tab at the top of the page. Then in the edit screen make the changes you want. Once complete go to the bottom of the page and click on Save Page - or Show Preview then Save Page.

To edit a paragraph section click the edit tab to the right and just above the section content. This will bring you to the edit page as above. Again you will need to Save Page to commit your changes to the wiki.

Nothing will be saved unless you click the Save Page button either before or after a Show Preview.

Once you have saved the page you will be navigated back to the standard view of the updated page.

Creating a new topic

The easiest way to create a new topic is to add a reference to the new page you want to create in an existing page. This is done by adding the text:

  [[New Topic]]

Once you have saved the page you will be able to browse to the non-existing topic (the link will be coloured red) and then use the standard method of editing the page to create the first version of the page.

Uploading and including files

First you will need to upload your file to the webserver. This functionality has now been turned on. In the toolbox on the left click the Upload File link.

You will need to be logged in to the wiki to upload files, and will be prompted to do this (and to create an account if you have not yet created one.)

Then browse to the file you want to upload on your local system. Give it a target file name - this is the name that will be used to refer to it on pages, and give it a description.

Once uploaded browse to the page where you want it included. There add a link of the form:


Note that the filename must match the filename that you chose as the target filename, and this filename is CASE sensitive. The image will be include as follows:


Remember to save your page after changes.

How did they do that?

If you have seen content format on this or any other wiki and want to see how this has been achieved, the simplest way is to click edit on the page to get to the edit screen. Look at the source code of the page. Once you are finished you can click Cancel at the bottom without making any changes.

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