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William H Jarmany was born in Upwell, Norfolk, in about 1838 to George Hunt (or Jarmany) and Anne Jarmany (nee Cambell)

He married Sarah Jarmany (nee Bradley) in June 1858.

They had nine (who survived and remained at home until 1881). These were, in order of age

Charlotte Elizabeth Hunt, born in 1858 in Cambridgeshire

Frances A Hunt born in late 1860 in Cambridgeshire

William G Jarmany born in about 1863 in Upwell, Cambridgeshire

Anne R Jarmany born in about 1865 in Montreal Canada

Fred C Jarmany born in about 1869 in Montreal, Canada

Grace E Jarmany born in about 1872 in Ireland

Isabella F Jarmany born in about 1874 in Ireland

Alfred E Jarmany born in about 1876 in Limerick, Ireland

Henry Jarmany born in 1880 or 1881 in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

William died in 1909 and his wife Sarah died in 1933.


I was in the Royal Artillery, 4th Brigade for 15 years, and was 6 years a sergeant. I served in the City of Limerick Artillery and was awarded a long service medal at the Royal Arsenal in 1879.

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